wahyu (1)
Dr. Wahyu Ridhoni, S.Kom., M.Eng

Directing of the organization's operations and programs. Develop strategies to grow the business,. Approving budgets and make decision.

Dr. Dhita Paranita Ningtyas, M.Pd

Assisting in the preparation of budgets. Saving the revenue and process the cost. Create financial report and projection. .

Dr. Niken Septantiningtyas, M.Pd

Responsible for providing administrative support to an organization. Reminding schedule and deadline, maintaining relationship with external business.

Journal Publishing
Dr. Choirudin, M.Pd
Editor in Chief

Manage the team of writers and editors, determine the look and feel of the publication, decide what to publish and oversee the publication's operations and policies

Dr. Syaiputra Wahyuda Melisa Diningrat, M.Pd
Reviewer Relationship

Build and maintain relationships with existing reviewer and prospective reviewer. Focus on scientific content and research trend. .

Dr. Dian Arief Pradana, M.Pd
Marketing Executive

Promotion and communication with prospective author to create awareness and develop the brand of journal.

Book publishing
Dr. Sigit Dwi Laksana, M.Pd.I
Production Manager

Communicating with layouter, designer, dan printing department. Ensuring quantity and quality of each book published. Responsible for distribution

Dr. Ilham Marnola, M.Pd
Royalty Admin

Preparing the contract with writer. Calculating the transaction monthly to pay the royalty to all writers.

sigit (1)
Training & Workshop
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Faizuddin Harliansyah, MIM
Event Manager

Planning events to be held in one year. Contact the trainer and speaker. Determine when the event will take place. Reminding the trainer and speaker.

Dr. Ishaq Madeamin, M.Pd
Sponsorship and Partnership

Invite other businesses and organizations as mutually beneficial sponsorships or partnership with parties who have the same market niche.

Research & Development
Dr. Nurrijal, M.Pd
Project Manager

Responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timeline and within budget

Dr. Wahyudin Madil, M.Pd
Research Analyst

Analyzing subject characteristic and need assessment to know behavior and problem. And also to make calculation of resource.

New Project (5)
M. Nasrullah, MA
Product Development

Monitoring the operational of existing products and scale it up with customization, new features or new client